[Ptools-perfapi] Using papi_native_avail with PAPI when libpfm4 is enabled.

Vince Weaver vweaver1 at eecs.utk.edu
Wed Aug 17 17:46:33 EDT 2011

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011, Gary.Mohr at Bull.com wrote:

> Hi,

> I installed it on a Nehalem system and ran papi_native_avail.  It finished
> like this:
>   400003e6   :sys_exit_setxattr  | sys_exit_setxattr
> |
> It is neat to see kernel events in this list but this is probably not how
> it should have finished.

This is on my short list of things to fix properly in the libpfm4 code.
It means your system has more than 1000 native events; impressive.

You can temporarily get around this by changing the
   #define MAX_NATIVE_EVENTS 1000
define in papi_libpfm4_events.c

The correct fix is to dynamically allocate the native event structure.  
Hopefully that will be done soon.


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