[Perfapi-devel] CVS-PAPI

Philip Mucci mucci at cs.utk.edu
Thu Aug 10 06:50:24 EDT 2006

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papi/src papi_internal.c

Thu Aug 10 06:50:24 EDT 2006

Update of /cvs/homes/papi/papi/src
In directory earth:/tmp/cvs-serv30534

Modified Files:
      Tag: papi-3-2-0
Log Message:
Rewrite of convert_papi_eventset_to_multiplex to now honor the new
behavior when we have kernel multiplexing. The good news is that
we no longer have to malloc and copy, because we always malloc arrays
in the size of num_mpx_cntrs for the ESI. 

Also, changed EventSetInfoLen(ESI) to return num_mpx_counters most
of the time.

Changed allocation length in allocate_EventSet.

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